I went from a 2:15 breath hold and 40' max depth freedive to 3:07 breathe hold and 66' max depth in one weekend. I can't say enough about this class, because I know now that if I can learn to tweak my technique I can do so much better. SAFELY. My regular dive buddy took this class together and I can safely say that can I trust my life in his hands after this class! Who needs tanks!
Jason Saetang
I have been diving for just over a year now and wanted to become more skillful and safer in the water. I read about Aaron's class online and knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Aaron has extreme knowledge on being safe when diving, both in and out of the water. Aaron's class not only taught me how to better my personal safety, but now I have the confidence to be able to help or save a fellow diver. I was also able to achieve a personal best breath hold! This class is a must for anyone looking to start diving or wants to be safer in the water!
Kevin Koning
The dangers of freediving are obvious. This course will address any and all of your concerns. You will complete the class with supreme dive confidence and safety awareness. My class had some experienced freedivers. All of which agreed towards the end that the level 1 certification is a necessity for both rookie and veteran divers alike. Aaron Chasse is an incredibly patient and resourceful instructor. He addresses individual issues and will work with you until you reach your goals. Diving 65ft and bringing a handful of sand back to the top was cool. High-fiving Aaron and my classmates for the accomplishment was even cooler. Tap into your inner-adventurer, take the class, make new friends and most of all, know that you are diving safely.
For some time now I've wanted to figure out how to freedive safely in 30-50ft of water.. I just finished the FII freediving class and Aaron didn't help me to reach my goal but he helped me crush it! By the end of class I was diving down to the bottom of Troy springs (66ft) with ease. Thanks again
I'd been spearfishing 5 years prior to taking this course and much of the knowledge shared was very useful to me. If you're a freediver and think you're doing it right prior to training... you probably are not. The knowledge gained here will make you a safer diver and may help save your life or the life of your dive buddy one day. Aaron was a great instructor and he is very passionate about what he does. I highly recommend him as teacher for anyone considering taking this course!
It's a day after taking this course with Aaron, and I feel much more confidence in my ability to free dive. This course won't only build your confidence in the water but also your ability to relax in every day life. Aaron is not just a teacher or instructor. He is truly a professional at what he does and communitaces with every student on their own level. I'm honored to have taken this course and be certified.
A few dive buddies and I had the opportunity to take Aaron’s Level 1 Fii course. I was excited to get the opportunity to take the class to increase my bottom times/max depths when spearfishing and after learning how unsafe my current practices were, it was an easy investment to make in my safety. Aaron was a very thorough instructor and knowledgeable not only about freediving but also how hunting underwater impacts a breath hold. Aaron’s personal experience diving across the world with other leaders in the freediving and spearfishing industry has given him the opportunity to teach from real world practice and applied skills. Taking the class is a must for anyone wanting to safely participate in freediving and having Aaron as an instructor means you have someone truly invested in your safety and enjoyment of the sport.
Christian Gomez
Aaron was an exceptional instructor. With very little experience naturally I was a bit nervous but he was patient, knowledgeable, and reassuring. He helped me exceed my own expectations. Anybody who is in the water now or who has an interest in freediving should really consider this course and Aaron in particular.
Marc Potvin
I postponed this class far too long. Like Aaron says you wouldn't fly a plane without proper training so that's what did it for me. The small class allows for better understanding. If you have any hesitation, trust me you get more than your money's worth with lots of extra tips and tricks. Besides that he is eager to help even after the course. This guy is a celebrity in the freediving/spearfish community but he is VERY humble and friendly. Don't wait any longer, this class will change the way you dive/hunt!
This class was the best decision I've made since I started freediving and spearing. Aaron was amazing both in and out of the water and I feel like I have learned a tremendous amount on how to not only keep myself safe but those around me too. Thank you so much for this class. Definitely recommended and I will be taking my level 2 when I can.
Rhyan Endres
Aaron's class is easily the best investment I've ever made as far as my diving and spearfishing is concerned. I thought I had an idea of what I was doing but after a couple days with Aaron I realized that I was rather careless in regards to safety. I am also now comfortable and confident freediving at depths that I had previously thought were simply beyond my limits. I'm excited to start diving deeper, longer, and safer and shooting better fish. Thanks Aaron!
Ryan Saul
F.I.I. Level 1 free diver course should be completed by anyone who is free diving. This class shows you how to properly free dive without putting yourself in potential harm. I was unaware of all the necessary technics in safely diving while holding your breath. Aaron is a wealth of knowledge not only on free diving but also on how to train people, like me that could only hold my breath for 1 1/2 mins., to hold there breath for over 3 minutes. Aaron is a very patient teacher and wise instructor. I know without this course I would not have been able to do the dives I have done. 66 feet on a single breath is pretty impressive for anyone and I did it! I feel honor to be trained by Aaron. THANKS AARON!!!!
Jesse Bozarth
Took this class as an avid spear fisherman who didn't realize I had so much to learn and definitely recommend it! After only a couple days Aaron had me diving deeper and longer than I thought possible, and most importantly feeling more comfortable in the water because it was being done safely. Small class sizes make for awesomely personalized instruction and attention to detail, so you'll take home a ton of valuable knowledge that may very well save a buddy's life or your own some day!
Harrison Clark
As a novice freediver wanting to learn how to do things the right way, this class was the way to go. I took away very valuable knowledge and knew skills that have set me in the right direction to achieve spearfishing and diving goals. Most importantly, I am now fully competent to save the life of my freediving partner. If you are freediving, this class is essential.
Alyssa Kay
I had a great experience learning safety skills and new techniques, not to mention surpassing my diving goals by a long shot all thanks to Aaron Chasse!
Harry Cowan
After years of recklessly attempting free diving on my own I decided to take Aarons class to learn the proper techniques and safety procedures. So glad I did! It's amazing how the smallest adjustments and techniques can dramatically improve performance and all aspects of diving. After taking the class I am able to dive deeper, more comfortably and confidently than ever. My only regret is that I should have taken the class sooner!
David Kay
If you are in the water and you haven't taken this class, it is going to change your life (and probably save it too)! This was an awesome eye opening experience and such a great opportunity to learn from the man, the myth, the legend - Aaron Chasse. If you like diving and especially spearfishing, do yourself a favor and sign up now!!
Jared Smith